Soccer Coaching License – How To Get A Soccer Coach License

Soccer coaching license: In order to become a football coach, the first thing you require is a soccer coach license. No club or school or association will employ you as a coach if you don’t have the proper qualification. It will be like going to get treatment from a person who is not a certified doctor! So in spite of you being a soccer player and being trained informally, it is necessary to get coaching license from a reputed institution or education body.

Reputed Places To Get Your License From

In America , there are two great places to get football trainer license or diplomas. They are the US Soccer and National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA). To get qualified for the new soccer coaching opportunities, these associations provide courses which lead to ma soccer coach license and diplomas. Let’s have a look at what programs are offered at these places:

US Soccer coaching education: Their coaching program covers the A, B and C license programs. The levels are as follows…E certificate (basic level), D license (introductory level), and National “C” license (level 1), and National “B” license (level 2), National “A” license (level 3). Every lower level is a pre-requisite to appear for the next higher level license.

NSCAA Coaching Diplomas : NSCAA has a full range of well respected soccer coach license courses and training programs. They offer parent-coach diploma for coaching 5-8 years olds, state diploma for 5 to 10 year old players, regional diploma for coaching players in the age group of 11 to 18 years as well as advanced regional diploma. Some special topic courses that are conducted during the license program include Sports psychology, Management of Soccer programs, Zonal defending etc.

What You Will Learn During The Courses

The aim of these courses is to develop a deep knowledge and understanding in you regarding coaching the young players. Psychology teaches you proper techniques for drills and games, how to solve their problems and getting them to play as a team etc. Varied topics are covered in these courses. You will also gain knowledge about the laws and rules of the game, latest coaching styles, basic methods of coaching, handling differences, planning your coaching philosophy and much more.

After getting the soccer coach license you will not only have the proof, but also the confidence that you will be able to coach the players to the best of your abilities. In these courses you will get to learn about some non-sports issues as well, like how to get the players motivated, how to have fun in the practice sessions, how to develop teamwork and bonding between players. All this will help you and your team to achieve your goals and objectives in a very organized manner.