Coaching High School Soccer With Flexibility In Approach

Success in coaching high school soccer players comes from the ability to have practice sessions that not only teach but are also enjoyed by everyone. The secret of success is advance preparation and planning. Unless you are clear about what your focus is on, you cannot make a plan that works.

  • Training Sessions For High School Soccer Play

Every coach knows that training sessions must be designed with the age of the players and their soccer skill level in mind. But in general, any practice session would start off with a warm up that increases heart rate, some muscle stretching exercises and a quick talk about what the expectations are from the session so that the players direct their full attention towards the game.

Considering that these are high school soccer players, the coach can show them how to perform the skill he is getting them to develop. Some interaction with them about their take on how to do it is valuable, as it is easier to teach that way. Including small games where these soccer skills come into play, helping them practice will also help.

  • Being Open Minded About Changing A Plan

While planning is paramount, there must be scope for adjustments if necessary, depending on how the game progresses. Apart from time set aside for the game, also allot time for communication, refreshments and discussion.

There is no soccer rule that you must stick to a plan simply because you made it. It is useful to have contingency plans ready in case your primary one does not work out the way you expected it to. If a plan does not work, you will also need to analyze its shortcomings.

With high school players, an important thing to remember is to avoid drills for soccer where they have to position themselves in line for long. They get distracted soon and you lose the purpose of the drill.

When young players grow up with respect, they learn to appreciate it and respect you in return. It is worthwhile to know what they expect from you. This is a good time to also let them know what your expectations are from them.

Ensure that you have an assistant coach who can lend a hand when you are on the field coaching high school soccer players. This will help with better use of playtime and division of duties, however minor.