Coaching Soccer Drills – Ball Control

While coaching soccer drills, teaching the basic skills is the first thing on the coach’s agenda, along with ball control, player fitness and stamina. Here is a look at one vital skill every player must learn and perfect – retaining a hold on the ball

  • Keeping A Hold Of The Ball

Among all the soccer skills that the player needs to learn the most, this one ranks among the top three. Your practice session planning must always include some drill that helps this skill. If a player can’t hold the ball, and retain it, he won’t be able to tackle the opponent.

So the first thing you need to teach your players is defending the ball. When they develop the skills and confidence to protect the ball they will learn how to look for the next player so that they can pass the ball on to them.

What you need to do is start this drill with two players of similar size.

Let them have one ball between them. In a play area of three meters square, they can practice rolling the ball and other soccer techniques that can help retaining a hold on the ball.

If you introduce any restrictions here, you will see your players getting a bit bothered by the pressure initially. So they need to get this move right until they become proficient at holding the ball for at least 8-10 seconds to build their confidence on the pitch.

  • The Technique

The player must learn to achieve control over the ball fast. After this, he must practice protecting the ball by bringing his body between the ball and his opponent. Now, he can grab the ball, pulling it toward him to hang on to it, or step over it. This really needs a lot of consistent training where the player gets used to using his feet in turns and together.

They must learn knee bending so that they can use their arms and bulk to deter the opponent. The players must bend the knees in such a way as to be able to get their opponent to retreat. Using their body weight, they must dexterously get their feet around the ball so they can roll it.

You can, as a coach keep trying out variations while coaching soccer drills to see which ones are most effective for your team so that you can use them often.