Coaching Youth Soccer: Dribbling

Coaching youth soccer is a challenging task, and in order to train the players efficiently in an impressive manner, it is important for a coach to train the players using the various dribbling techniques. Remember that if you want your team on the winning side, you must have your players keep their feet moving.  

  • Barefoot: Fast Way To Enhance Dribbling

It is one of the quickest ways to enhance the dribbling skills of your players when you are coaching youth soccer. As per this method, you have to get your players play the usual dribbling around ten cones, but make sure that the players are doing so barefoot – no shoes, no socks. If playing barefoot causes problem, you can let them try with socks.

  • Calling For The Ball: Teaching When, Where And How

It is very important for you to teach your players the right time and the right way to call the ball. When it comes to calling the ball, the right time is just before when the opponent player is about to pass the same and when your player is about to attempt for the ball.

When you are coaching youth soccer, train your players to attempt for the ball only when they have enough room with the ball. The players should not say, “It’s mine”. Rather, they should mark it out clearly. For example, they can call their own name, such as “Harry’s call” or “Harry’s ball”.

  • Cone Head: Teach Your Players To Keep Their Heads Up

This is a quite effective dribbling technique, in which you have to get your players put cones on their head. Once the cone is on their head, have them dribble the ball, but only within the twenty-into-twenty square area. A thorough practice of the same will help your players learn to control the ball and dribble the same quite effectively.

  • Controlling Dribble: Teach Your Players To Play Ball Closer

It is important for the coach to teach the players about how to play ball closer. Playing while keeping the ball closer maximizes the chances of your team’s winning a match. In order to have your players learn these skills, it is always a great idea to break your players into small groups, such as groups of four or five. Now, let these small groups of players to race by dribbling the ball to the end of the field and then back to the starting point.

The above dribbling techniques are quite effective in coaching youth soccer.

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