Soccer Drills – Kicking The Ball

Soccer drills incorporate various techniques covering various aspects of the game. The technique that is constantly addressed, no matter what the player’s level is, is kicking the ball. Generally, we can categorize kicks into two types depending on where the ball is. The player must be aware that he can strike the soccer ball via a ground kick or with a volley. Here’s a look at both.

The Ground Kick Technique

The best kick is backed by complete balance and self-control. While kicking with one foot the position of the player’s other foot can make a lot of difference. Based on this position, vis-à-vis the ball, you can make your player vary his shooting or passing height. It is possible to kick with force from a low height if the supporting foot is aligned with the ball. But if it is a little behind the ball, this kick will make the ball rise.

If the player’s torso is leaning backward, the ball goes to a height and if his torso is bent forward, then the height of his kick is less, but with force. To apply this force, the player’s knee must be aligned with the ball precisely when he contacts with it.

Volley Technique

At the time of kicking the ball, balance is vital. The player’s footing must be modified in such a way as to acclimatize himself to the route the ball is likely to take. The player can swing after he creates enough space between himself and the ball. It is not advisable to try a volley, if the space is not proper. The volley can be ineffective if the ball is too far, or too near. Show the player that he may need to simultaneously jump and volley. It is important to learn to be calm and focus on the right timing to jump.

Kicking Soccer Practice

Always get your players to practice their kicking skills along with a partner who can keep serving the ball to them. Start them off by teaching them to stop it and then kick it back. As they advance in their level, they can kick it straight off as they receive it.

There are plenty of soccer drills that will help you develop your player’s ability to focus on their dribbling skills at the time of kicking. If they are successful in striking the ball from various situations, they can also develop their kicking skills comprising of finishing, clearing, passing, etc.