Youth Soccer Drills For 4-7 Year Olds

With youth soccer drills for 4-7 year olds the coach must remember that at such a tender age it is very difficult for kids to pick up the know-how of any drill techniques.

Therefore, the coach must try to keep the drills as simple as possible such that they can be easily understood and executed by the children.

Also while teaching football exercises for 4-7 year olds; the coach must remember to incorporate an element of fun in his teaching sessions. Including fun and excitement in the training sessions will keeps the kids engaged such that they do not feel bored.

The coach must also encourage the kids such that they feel motivated to play without the fear of failure. Instead of focusing on winning the game, the coach must try to inculcate sportsmanship and camaraderie among the children so that they become good team players.

Following Are Some Of The Exciting And Fun-Filled Soccer Drills For 4-7 Year Olds

•  Turn around drill: This drill is very similar to dribbling along a square. However in case of this drill, coach places two goals – one opposite to the other. The players dribble the ball from one goal to the other and when they reach to the opposite goal, the coach asks them to turn around and move to the point from where they started. Not only does this drill develop dribbling and turning skills, it also helps the players become more receptive and enhances verbal communication amidst high traffic and pressure.

•  Dribble and throw: This is a simple yet a very fun filled drill technique that ensures great participation. In this kind of youth soccer drill for 7 year olds, the coach places a heap of balls in front of one of the goals. When the coach says ‘go’ the children run to pick up the balls and have to dribble across the field and throw it in the other goal. Not only does this help develop dribbling technique but also helps focus on shooting skill as well amidst high traffic and pressure.

The coach must remember to focus on developing individual skills like dribbling, trapping and shooting rather that concentrating only on the team as a whole. Individual learning in soccer drills for 7 year olds is necessary to ensure that the kids pick up the right techniques and methods and are prepared from the very beginning to take on any position in a soccer game.

It is very important that youth soccer drills for 7 year olds focus more on the developing the basic skills of the players rather than laying stress on the length of the training sessions. It’s not the length of the soccer drills for 4-7 year olds that makes good players but the effort that does!