Drills For Soccer Conditioning Practice

There are some excellent conditioning drills for soccer practice that are valuable, when it comes to getting your team ready to play a match. We know how vital it is to keep them all in shape.

Soccer practice drills must develop your players in such a way, as to perfect their skills in beating an opponent, dodge the defenders, and exercise full body control. All this takes a lot of practice. They need to be alert to their center of gravity and toughen up those tummy muscles. This will help them move with control and speed.

Soccer needs a lot of stamina and agility, and the following soccer drills are designed to develop these:

  • Drill To Help Balance And Build Abdominal Muscles

Step 1: Get your player to lay on his back, with his legs up in the air at right angles to the floor with knees bent. Have him support his neck with his hands and then, move his head and shoulders skyward. He must look straight up and not at his legs. Another variation of this is, maintaining the same position without bending the knees. Instead, the legs must be at right angles to the floor, with feet facing the sky and repeat the rest of the soccer drill.

Step 2: Have your player sit at a height, where his feet do not rest on the ground. Let him place his hands behind his backside and, leaning backward, lift his knees towards his chest. Now, retaining his posture, he should straighten his legs in front of him, in a scoop like movement. Then let him return to the earlier position of knees close to chest. This drill is extremely useful.

Step3: Let your player pick a partner. Have him lie flat on his back. He should stretch his arms over his head and try to get a grip on the ankles of the partner, who is standing. Now let him lift his legs, so that they are at right angles to the floor. His partner should try to push his legs to the floor. The lying down player must make use of his tummy muscles, to control his legs taking it to a few inches from the floor and then raising them again. His partner can attempt to push his legs to the floor again.

You can make your players repeat these drills for soccer, a number of times, based on their endurance and age level.