Drills Soccer: Make Complex Things Easier

Coaching drills soccer is probably the most complex coaching assignment in sports. It involves an understanding of specific skills and specific fitness training.

It is the vision, strategic and tactical thinking skills of the coach that make a winning team. What is more, the coach needs to use variation in his / her methods depending upon age groups and gender being coached.

  • Coaching Drills Soccer

The expert coach is always fully prepared before the practice session starts. When it comes to coaching soccer, discipline matters much. Therefore, make sure that you are ready with all the equipments you need.

Moreover, since a coach also needs psychological skills to deal with all aspects of individual and team mental preparations, it is very important to have the practice grids ready before the team arrives.

The coach must stand in a position where all the players can hear him. Again, he must be brief in explaining the objective of the drill and key coaching points. For a 15-20 minute drill, the coach must not take more than 3 minutes with explanations and demonstrations.

Always remember that it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality. However, you must make sure that all the players have understood the things he explained. Ask them if everything is clear to them. If not, clarify the same.

Once, you have explained the objective of the drill and key coaching points; you should stand outside of the drill area, not in the middle. Keep a close watch on the activities of the players, observe them and see if they can solve any issues by themselves.

If there is something you need to correct, you should stop the drill and demonstrate the step to correct the mistake. Psychology plays an important role in coaching soccer.

Therefore, do not forget to praise players for correcting it. Now, once you find perfection in the players, increase the complexity to keep players challenged.

When it comes to coaching drills soccer, it is not the coach who should be sweating and be tired, but the players.

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