Various Soccer Exercises And Coaching Soccer

The various soccer exercises make an important component of the overall coaching session that you run, in an effort to teach your players the various soccer skills.

For example, when it comes to generate powerful kicks with ultimate accuracy, it is important for you to understand that it is very important for the players to kick harder and run faster.

This is where; the various football exercises come very handy. The coach must work hard on making the muscles of their players stronger and faster.

Here, you should note that powerful kicking is not about how strong your muscles are. In fact, it is more about your agility and speed. If you can run faster and dribble faster, you can kick faster as well.

Some of the best soccer exercises to improve the muscles may include, running long distances or having much longer training sessions.

Some coaches try to have their players practice weight lifting, but I must add that weight lifting is something that is effective in making your muscles stronger and not faster.

There are some specific drills for soccer to improve the muscle speed of the players, such as isometric exercises with resistance bands.

Soccer Exercises: Working On Explosiveness On The First Step

Working on the explosiveness is very important for soccer players and this is where you will find the various soccer exercises quite helpful. For example, you can have your players practice the First-step Drill in order to teach them how to achieve powerful and explosive first step.

As per this drill, you have to use 7-8 cones to prepare two lines. The lines should not be straight rather it should be in a zigzag format. Now, you should ask your players to begin the activities from the end of the first of the two lines.

The player will now try to jump towards the cone closest to him or her. If the movement is towards the left, the player must use his or her left leg to take the first step. This way, they have to reach the starting point of the line. You can use your own variations to make the drill more interesting.

While you are having your players practice these soccer exercises, it is your responsibility to make them aware of the various aspects of first step explosiveness. For example, you will have to teach them how to pivot and turn mainly on the first step. You also have to tell them details regarding the arm movement and the ways to lean forward.