Soccer Conditioning Drills – 5 Critical Elements You Must Know

You have probably already been through plenty of soccer conditioning drills . However, do you know that there are six basic elements or concepts of soccer conditioning? In fact, if you are aware of the basics, you will not find it difficult to come up with better strategies for the fitness training. Some of the teaching tips for conditioning football include speed, agility, endurance, power, strength, and warm up training.

Warm Ups

Warm ups are very important, as they help the players in the following ways.

•  The chances of injuries, such as ruptures and strains are minimized.

•  They optimize the playing ability of the players just before the match or the training is about to begin.

You can also introduce specific stretching fitness exercises into soccer conditioning drill schedule in order to make your players more agile and flexible.


The body strength is directly associated with several activities that are used in a match, including marking, tackling, balance, shielding, dribbling, shooting, and jumping. Whether it is a defender, attacker, forward, or even a goalie, building strength is equally important for everybody.


Most new coaches always confuse strength with power while they develop the soccer conditioning drills. However, the two are altogether different things. Power in soccer usually refers to the following

•  The power of your throws

•  The power of your headers, and

•  The power of your shots

Not only body strength plays an important role here, but it is also important for you to use the right technique. It is in fact the right combination of strength and techniques that eventually develop that kind of power. In easy terms, you can say that building power is all about teaching the players the different ball control skills.


When it comes to conditioning for soccer, endurance is not just all about the player’s ability to run for the ball or with the ball for a longer time during a match. It is primarily about not getting tired. You have to train your players in a way to make them energetic enough to dribble, tackle, run, and jump during the entire 90 minutes of the game.

Agility And Speed – Soccer Fitness

Like with power and strength, many people also confuse agility with speed. However, the two things are entirely different, as speed refers to running at full throttle while agility refers to quick reactions.

If you can take care of all these basic components, you will not require additional soccer conditioning drills .