Teaching Soccer Positions To The Young Players

There are plenty of things that you need to take into your careful consideration when it comes to teaching soccer positions to the young players.

The Concept Of Swarm

Swarm is the concept where all the players are supposed to chase the ball. None of the players are supposed to play specific positions. The bad thing about coaching football position is that it requires the players to stay at or around a specific place on the field.

This is something that goes against the very nature of the young players. They just cannot stay on the ground – they want to keep moving and play with the ball. Therefore, when it comes to soccer basics positions drills coach ideas, you had better go for Swarm. It is a good exercise to develop soccer abilities in young players.

Do Not Make Unreasonable Demands On The Young Players

It is true that a good team formation is essential for the team. It can make the difference of winning and losing a match. In fact, the success of your match strategies depends on the specific team formation you have chosen your players to go for.

However, this is applicable to the team of professional or at least grownup players. You cannot expect younger players (the kids) to play at specific positions. I have seen many coaches who emphasize a lot on teaching soccer positions even to young players. This leads to plenty of confusion not only during the coaching sessions but also during a real match.

The positions of play in soccer are not an easy thing to understand. It is a bit technical. Hence, the kids may find great difficulty in understanding their specific roles. In fact, all they want is to have more touches on the ball.

Always remember that the first rule of successful coaching to young players is to develop the training session appropriate to the age of the players. The soccer positioning is something that works better with the grown up teams.

As a coach, you should be teaching soccer positions to the players who are at least seven or eight years old. For example, you can teach the coaching positions in 9v9 soccer. At the same time, do not burden the young players with your unreasonable demands.