Soccer Strategies And Soccer Tactics: Throw In

The throw in strategy soccer is something that is often relegated to the back-seat during training. This usually results in people realizing the importance of a good throw-in when it’s too late. A throw-in can literally change the entire direction of a soccer game- a team that couldn’t even get near the other goal suddenly has a chance to score. Not knowing how to handle a throw-in can make a golden opportunity go waste.

Why The Throw-In Is Important

To better understand throw-in soccer tactics in football, we need to understand why the throw-in is so important to begin with. Studies have shown that on an average, every single team will get about 26 opportunities to make a throw-in during a match. That can be 26 goals, if the throw-ins are handled correctly. The first thing to remember is that a throw-in doesn’t necessarily have to translate into a goal immediately.

This might sound strange but the truth is that a certain amount of thought has to go into a throw-in. If it doesn’t look like the team will be able to score off the throw-in immediately, then they need to work towards gaining possession of the ball and keeping it. This can lead to scoring opportunities later on. It’s essential for the players to know when a throw-in should lead to a direct goal and when it should lead to possession.

Throw-In Tips

There are a few throw in strategy soccer tips you can keep in mind while coaching your team. First of all, remember that the cross-over plays an important role in a throw in soccer strategy to corner.

Not only will it confuse the opposing team, it will ensure that your players get control of the ball. Remember that it doesn’t hurt to be a little tricky as well- teach your players to ‘fake’ a throw-in. This means that the player will fake a throw to one person and end up lobbing the ball elsewhere. Team communication is essential to make these kinds of tricks work.

If you’re not sure who to call on to take throw-in shots, look for a player that has a good aim and can throw well. Generally, players who are good crossers make good throw-ins as well. It’s also a worthwhile exercise to train your players in groups of two or three on throw-in techniques. Make them practice long and short throw-ins as well as throw-ins to a moving player.

Last, but definitely not least, make sure that the players are positioned properly when executing a throw-in, using their upper body strength. This is important for any throw-in strategy soccer.