How To Kick A Soccer Ball Properly

One of the main concerns of soccer players is how to kick the soccer ball skillfully since ball control is a big part of skill development in soccer. Every player must know how to kick the ball long distance so that he is able to reach the exact point he aimed for.

The player needs to use the right part of the top of his foot to handle the ball. With this, intense practice, strength and weight soccer training will take the ball where he wants it to go.

Using The Foot Properly

Get your player barefoot and have him seated on the floor, feet planted on the floor. The knees should be within the arms. Ask him to begin by sending the ball out of the hand gently, letting it go up not more than two feet. The player’s toe should be pointed.

Now have him hit the ball with the part of his foot where he ties his laces. The ball must move up straight. This movement must be repeated for the player to become accustomed to kicking the ball with the laces portion of the feet.

Now observe to see when the player is successful in kicking the soccer ball two consecutive times with the foot. When this happens and there is enough control, the player can get up.

Once standing, get the player to repeat the same action, namely, sending the ball out of his hands but this time let it go up about six feet. Now have him kick the ball with bent knee straight up.

Add A Variation

Bring in a variation by having your player follow the above exercise by introducing a bounce with each kick. The kicking height should be maintained at 6 feet. The whole idea is to learn to control the ball, not display force.

The next step after achieving the above is to get the player to kick the ball to a fellow player. Now, the ball should be struck when it is on a downward path. He should not allow the ball to go higher than his own height and kick the soccer ball it with a spin. Repeatedly practicing this will bring in control as well as power now.

The entire exercise can be done with shoes and socks on. Your player will find that it is easier to do the exercise. You will have to be patient while teaching youth soccer players how to kick a soccer ball as different players learn at different paces.