Teaching Kids How To Soccer

There are some basic skills to start with when you teach kids how to soccer. We know, as coaches, that there’s plenty to teach the young soccer player, but here is a must-do list that is the starting point. The others come later.

The Basic Skills

  • Ball Holding Skills involving receiving and shielding
  • Attacking skills
  • Stealing the ball involving defense

We see a lot of kids have the inborn ability to show good defense and usually need ball holding and attacking skills addressed through training. This is why most coaches begin with ball holding.

There is another reason for this. When your player gets hold of the ball, he must have the ability to retain it in a pressure filled situation. He needs to decide whom to pass the ball while he holds it.

Ball Holding

This is where the player becomes the recipient of the ball and with the help of his body; he protects the ball from his opponent using various techniques. Another skill here the player must develop is to be agile and strong enough beat the opponent.

Knee bending is a skill to master here. This vital skill comes through plenty of practice sessions and you will be amazed how quickly some players learn.

You can train your players by setting up a three-meter square area with one ball and two players of similar stature. Let them practice ball holding using techniques like pull backs, etc to protect the ball. Keeping the ball is very important. Your players will probably goof up a lot of passes but keep at it till they get it right.

Your players must master dribbling. Teach them through simple moves and they will learn it quickly. Dribbling will help them bypass their defenders.


Your players must be taught ample ball control so that they know exactly what to do next so that the defender does not get to it.

Defense And Stealing The Ball

Your player must learn to buy time as well as how to steal the ball. Plenty of footwork soccer exercises and practice can bring him closer to this. Gaining time is a skill he has to learn so that his team players can support him.

Teaching how to soccer, an exciting process of ball control is followed by techniques like passing, kicking precisely etc. It can be very satisfying watching your players’ progress to being great soccer heroes!