Soccer Passing Drills: Taking Control Of The Game

The soccer passing drills must be planned carefully, as it is not an easy thing to train your players with all the tips and soccer techniques, in order to pass the ball to their team mates, without losing the ball to a player of the opponent team.

Following are some of the important things that you need to teach your players, regarding passing the ball with speed and accuracy:

  • Both speed and accuracy is equally important, while passing the ball successfully. Therefore, you must teach your players that they cannot compromise on either speed or accuracy, while making passes.

Getting accuracy needs some time, so the player should not try to be quickest. They have to be quick enough, to make an accurate soccer pass.

  • Players must be taught to take instant decision, to dribble the ball and make passes.
  • It is a challenge for the ball carrier, to keep an eye on everything, such as the ball, the defenders from the opponent team, and the position of the team-mates, so that he or she could make the pass to them successfully.

The soccer passing drills must be designed effectively, to achieve this ability.

Soccer Passing Drills: Maintaining Pace And Accuracy

The coach has to design the soccer passing drills in a way to help the players understand the importance of the co-ordination between speed and accuracy. If we talk about the real soccer game, in most circumstances, the players have to run with the ball, while keeping an eye on the specific soccer positions of their team-mates, so that they could pass the ball when they get an opportunity.

This is not an easy thing to do, considering that the defenders from the opponent team will surround the player with the ball. Therefore, the player has to be very agile and quick in his or her moves.

What is more, quickness is not the only key to succeed in soccer. As a coach, you must have your players understand that quickness in the game of soccer is of no use, if the players are not accurate in their moves.

You have to train your players in a way, that they should not compromise with the agility for the sake of accuracy, nor should they compromise with accuracy, for the sake of being quick in their moves. Both pace and accuracy must be balanced in each and every soccer move that the players attempt.