Soccer Practice Games: Follow The Rules

Foul play is something that a player easily learns, while playing soccer practice games. It is a general tendency among the young players that in order to win the ball, they will make unlawful physical contacts with other players.

Thus, it might be a challenge for you to encourage the players, to play a fair game, without any foul play.

The best way is to tell them about the soccer team rules and tell them about the red cards, that they might be rewarded against any foul play.

  • You have to encourage your players to play, as per the game rules and spirit of the game. You have to teach such things, during the soccer practice games.
  • You must be strict enough, to have your players on time, before every training session. Discipline is the key, when it comes to soccer practice and preparing a winning soccer team.
  • All kinds of abusive languages must also be prohibited.
  • The players should also be taught about how to keep the dignity and spirit of game, by respecting the opponent team.

Teach your team about the role of the referee and that the referee must be respected in all circumstances. The players must not dispute with the referee in any case. And don’t forget to vary the exercises, especially soccer passing drills.

Soccer Practice Games: Formation Of Team And Soccer Positioning

The objective of the soccer practice games is not just to help your players acquire an array of soccer skills, but you also have to take this as an opportunity to understand the expertise of the various individual players.

You cannot expect each and every soccer player to be an expert in everything. For example, there can be a player, who is very good at attacking. On the other hand, you might some soccer players very good at defence.

You will have to study the gaming method of every player, in order to assign him or her specific soccer position in a real match to take full benefit of his or her expertise in the specific area. That is the reason why some coaches record the video of the soccer practice games.

They watch it later and give close look at the soccer skills of the players. If you are looking out for players for the forward position, you should watch out for the player that has aggression and speed, but with complete accuracy. Likewise, the soccer players for the defenders position must be good at passing, dribbling, and shielding the ball.