Soccer Rules – Knowing The Basic Rules For Youth Soccer

Mix youth with soccer and you get a new high-energy game called ‘Youth Soccer’. And if you plan to teach your kid this zealous stuff then you must know the basic rules for youth soccer. Following some simple soccer rules for youth football is no big deal. Just understand the game well and ensure that your kids play the game with true spirit.

All That You Need To Know

To play a simple game of soccer, it is not needed to know much. However, later when it comes to playing positional youth soccer rules USYSA, NCYSA and FIFA rules may also be required. When teaching the basics of the game, you need not worry too much initially on regulation rules soccer youth.

Just, checkout a few basics that you should know before you take out a football and go to the field with your kid and start playing.

•  The game starts from the middle of the field. Each team has a defending half and an attacking half. So, the players in the team are divided into the defenders or backs and attackers or forwards.

•  The ball is in play till the time the referee blows the whistle or the ball crosses the side-line or the base line.

•  Ball is brought back to play either by a throw-in, in case it goes out from the side-line route. In case it has taken the base line route, kick-off by a goalkeeper or a corner kick to the opponent is awarded depending on whom the ball touched last before crossing the border.

•  Offside is an important soccer rule to understand. The offside rule is designed to prevent goal tending. All you need to teach the kid is when he is not offside. He is not offside if two or more defenders are closer to their goal line than he is or he is not “in play” by being reasonably close to the ball.

•  One of the important among the basic rules of youth soccer is not to have contact, deliberate or inadvertent with the ball on the shoulders, arms or hands. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to pick up the ball using hands, that too only in the penalty box.

All The Very Best

So, when you start playing football with your kid, remember these simple soccer rules of youth football. The regulation rules youth soccer have been made to make the game more organized, interesting and challenging. So what are you waiting for! Now that you know the basic rules of youth soccer, step on to the field and enjoy.