Soccer Skills Training – Teaching Footwork Techniques

Soccer skills training is one of the most important skills that you have to coach your players about. Good footwork skills are important, but it can produce good results only if the players are able to perform the various footwork techniques with speed. Swiftness is the keyword.

Improving The Footwork Skills Of Your Players

You can use some innovative ways to improve the soccer footwork skills of your players. For example, besides the regular coaching sessions, you can get them to practice the following at home as well.

•  In their free time at home, the players can take an indoor ball and dribble the same pass their parents, siblings, and pets.

•  In order to improve on control of dribbles, you can also suggest them to practice with small balls, such as a tennis ball.

•  In order to improve the quick feet soccer skills, the players can also try to juggle. However, juggling is not that important. Even some of the greatest soccer players find it difficult to juggle! Therefore, if the player cannot juggle, it is also fine. However, if the players try to juggle, they should do at least till 10 juggles at one time.

•  You can also encourage your players to use their rollover skills and run with the ball at home through furniture and other house items. Please note here that I am talking about using the rollovers… not stepovers. You must clarify the difference between rollover and stepover to your players.

•  When it comes to practicing soccer skill training at home, it is always better to practice those skills first that the player is good at and can handle with confidence. After that, they can attempt for the harder skills.

Footwork Coaching With Sticks

You can also coaching the footwork skills by using sticks – 1×1 inch and 4-5 feet long. Lay these sticks down in a way as if they are the rungs of a ladder. Once you are ready with the setup, you can now have your players practice soccer skills training by hopping, and running around these sticks. You can ask the players to hop on one or both the feet. The players can also practice hopping backward and forward, sideways, and even on alternate feet. The running quick feet soccer drills may include running between the sticks lengthwise, shuffling sideways between the sticks and changing direction at each turn, or stepping once or twice between each stick.