Soccer Drills – Individual And Two Player Sequences

Soccer drills are the heart of any practice session. As a coach, you can never get enough soccer drills to supplement your players’ training as you also have the job of ensuring that they are happy with what you plan for them! So here goes:

  • A Drill For Individual Players For Skill Improvement


You need to position three cones in the formation of a triangle with about 5 meters distance between the cones. Stand 5 meters away from the triangle’s side. Your player must begin at the cone that’s the farthest from you. Now, when the player moves towards the right cone, play a ball to the outer part of the cone.

The player gets the ball, gives it back to you after which he proceeds to the cone farthest from you to the left cone. This goes on for a minute. So here’s the sequence you can follow – one minute with each pass and volley, which will include:

  • Pass – inside and outside foot
  • Volleys – foot top, inside of foot, thigh, chest
  • Headers
  • One touch
  • Two touch

Suppose you choose to practice with two players, let one rest while the other is practicing. What you need to concentrate on here is – neat passing at the right speeds, proper balance, fast footwork and movement, correct body posture and ball control skills.

  • A Drill For Two Players To Practice Shooting


You need an area of 10 x 20 meters, a ball for each pair of players, two markers to mark the field center.

Set up by positioning your players, one per end. The markers must have a distance of three meters from each other. The first player must now step back and shoot the ball to the second player without it touching the markers. The second player will do the same from his end. Variation can be two touches, reducing distance between markers, etc.

We know that shooting is a soccer skill that every player must master as

it will help him get to the goals and make a difference on the scoreboard! Here is where a lot of precise aim must be developed so that the chances of missing the goal are minimized.

Shooting skills need force and precision. So get your players to begin shooting skills practice through soccer drills by beginning with a static ball and then progressing to a moving ball.