Soccer Field Diagram – Making Practice Plans Easy

Soccer field diagrams are an integral part of practice session preparation and planning. As coaches, we know that the success of any practice session lies in adequate preparation, noted down in writing.

  • Elements of Preparing For Practice

It is important for a soccer coach to first decide upon the agenda for the training session, in terms of what he plans to teach and how, where it will happen, and obviously when. What he plans to teach would deal with techniques or skills being taught.

Where the practice session will take place, is noted down as the specific area of the field. He would also need to write, why the particular skill is being taught according to its relevance in the game, along with occasions on which it should be applied.

Precisely, how the technique will be carried out is also mentioned in the practice plan. Now, all this is laid out on the field diagram made by the coach. This soccer drill diagram shows the goal box, the penalty box, the end line, and the arcs where the flags are placed, the centerline, and circle.

  • Other Practice Gear You Need

It is better to maintain a checklist of the gear you need to have for practice sessions. Insist that each player brings his or her own ball. It is worth it. Your players should also carry their own bottle of water when they come.

Organize enough number of cones for various soccer drills, as these will help demarcate areas of play. Every team must wear practice vests; these will also help in identification when you have your teams playing games.

Expert coaches suggest that you actually use goals when you practice, as they give your players a realistic situation. You would need flags, as these are especially useful in scrimmages. Do not forget that first aid kit and ensure that it has everything you need.

Diminishing supplies must be promptly replenished. You will need ice bags, so carry plenty of ice cubes in a cooler. A list of phone numbers to call, if there is an emergency, would be very handy. Every soccer coach carries a cellular phone these days, so that hardly needs mentioning.

Aside from the above, your practice plan will also include a variety of warm ups. Your players will love it, if you begin a training session with a game, according to the soccer field diagram on your agenda.