Soccer Rules – The Basics

There are certain soccer rules that every team has to follow.

  • Coin Toss

The game begins with a coin toss. The team that wins the toss gets the liberty to choose whether it would like to kick off or defend. The team that wins the toss can also choose which goal it would like to defend.

Generally, after winning the toss, the team decides to kick off. In order to make a choice between the goals, various factors needs to be taken into consideration, such as which direction the wind is blowing, what is the position of the sun, the condition of the field and also what time of the day are you going to 0play the game.

The position of the sun and the time of the day is important because based on this, you can choose a goal, ensuring that during the last minutes of the game, sun is not on your goalkeeper’s eyes. However, if you want to reach the right decision, it is always a great idea to have a stroll around the field much before the game begins.

  • Kick Off

Now, when you make the kick off, make sure that all the players of your team are onside, but at this time, no players from the opponent team is allowed inside the center circle.

  • After A Goal

Once a team scores a goal, the team that was scored against kicks off the ball against the team that scored the ball.

  • Re-Starting The Game When The Ball Goes Out Of The Ground

You have three ways to restart the game once the ball goes out of the field – Goal Kick, Corner Kick, and Throw-In.

  • When a team attempt to score a goal but misses the target, the opponent team gets a chance for the goal kick. Any player of this team is allowed for the goal kick. This can be the goalkeeper or any other player. The goal is kept on that side of the corner of the goal where the ball had went out through. Moreover, when kicked, the ball must go at least out of the penalty area.
  • When a team kicks the ball across their own goal line, it earns the opponent team a corner kick.
  • When the ball completely surpasses the touchline, the team that did not touch the ball last earns the throw-in of the ball.

The above are just the basic soccer rules, but this is where both soccer and the coaching soccer start from.

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