Soccer Trainers – Tips For Evaluating Your Players

Soccer trainers focus on developing their teams and evaluate them continuously so that further soccer training and practice can be planned. Through evaluation, coaches can assess the team’s strengths and shortcomings so that they know exactly what needs teaching. Being an ongoing process, the best time to evaluate is during soccer training and matches.

  • Evaluation During Free Play

The idea behind assessing the players during a match or a game is to observe their level of skills and their creativity. If you have ‘free play’ during your training session, it can let you evaluate them properly since they would play without too many restrictions related to duration and area.

You would give them some basic guidelines to follow, after which they get into the game. This helps them use their creativity and brings out their talent. It is much better to use game-like situations for assessment as you save a lot of time otherwise spent planning a session.

Ultimately, the aim of all those youth soccer coaching drills for skill development is to enable the player play the game. Free play lets you watch your players closely and note the areas that need development.

In addition, you need to check the various moves they use, their decision making abilities, etc. You need to observe both individual player and the team as a whole for a proper assessment.

  • Using The Results

You can use the results of your evaluation to tell the players what they did right and where they could consider different options. For instance, if there was a particular problem where they used a certain solution, you can point out different options to achieve it effectively to the players.

Next comes holding practice sessions where these specific skills are used so that players can perform them in a match. Break down skill activities in such a way that your players begin with simple moves and gradually advance depending on their skill and soccer fitness training level and age.

You must get your suggestions across to your players in such a way that they are able to appreciate and understand the reason why they have to do something.

It is okay to intervene during a game if something important has to be explained to the players since they must apply whatever they learn to the game. Soccer trainers prefer to demonstrate the skills they wish to teach their players.