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Andre Botelho
Date: June 16, 2012
Dear youth soccer coach,

If you signed up for my program to receive the free Youth Soccer Coaching Manifesto then you know you’ve got some work to do and you want to improve how you coach so that you – as well as your players – can enjoy the sport and play it like it’s meant to be played.

That’s noble, so you deserve props for taking the first step toward giving you and your team the edge. Unfortunately there’s still work to be done.

My Youth Soccer Coaching Manifesto is the perfect start to get you thinking about the direction you need to take in order to improve yourself and your team – but it does not give you step by step instructions. This program won’t deliver success in just a few pages of a free eBook. That’s not how success is made.

  • You want to win
  • You want your players to have fun
  • You want strategies that win games
  • You want drills that improve your teams
  • You want to be a better coach
  • You want your players to respect you

Well – if you want those things you’re going to have to FIGHT for them. Most professional coaches go through years of training to get the necessary skills that let them compete with the big dogs.

You’ll have to get your hands on something batter that will deliver results FAST.

For just $1 you can get instant access to simple, well-constructed and easy to navigate courses that will deliver on those things you so badly want for you and your team. Why should you pay out the nose for a professional soccer consultant – upwards of $75 an hour – when you can get everything you need right here:

  • Warm Up Tips
  • Professional Drill Instructions
  • Player Evaluation
  • Player Formations
  • Defense Strategies
  • Offense Strategies
  • How to Keep Kids Inspired
  • Professional Demonstration Videos