Talking Soccer Drills – Trapping

When we are talking soccer drills, there are various ways to enhance the trapping skills of the players. The coach must give his players an insight into each and every aspect associated with trapping.

Trapping helps the players stop the ball and keep it near his body within a safe distance. The player has to use various parts of his body for trapping the ball, but he cannot use his hands of course. Mainly, it is the foot, the thigh, and the chest that players use for trapping the ball.

  • Using The Foot

The coach must train the players to use their feet effectively to capture the ball. If you are coaching younger soccer players, you should train them to use the inside of the foot. Since the inside of the foot is the largest area of the foot, it will help them have better control of the ball.

However, if you are coaching older soccer players, you need to go for the advanced approach. You should train them to use the instep or top of the foot and both inside and outside of the foot for trapping. If the ball is uncontrollable and bouncing much higher, the players should use their shin and ankle to get control of the ball.

  • Using The Thigh

Using the thigh is another most effective method for trapping of ball. For this, the players should first come in front of the ball that is coming towards them. When the ball gets a bounce, you should stand on one foot and raise the thigh of the other foot to contact the ball.

As soon as the thigh meets the ball, instantly drop the knee so that the ball could stick to your thigh only. The coach must train the players how to continue dropping the knee until the ball rolls from the thigh to the feet.

  • Using The Chest

As you use thigh for trapping the ball, you can also use the chest the same way. However, of course, you will have to take a slightly different approach towards the ball this time. For this, the players should first come in front of the ball that is coming towards them and should push out the chest to contact the ball coming towards them.

However, you must note that we are talking soccer drills for trapping, using the chest may not be a good idea for younger players because in doing so, it is very likely that they will touch the ball with hand.

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