Preseason Soccer Training – Important Tips For Coaches And Players

Following are some of the important tips to consider before going to a preseason soccer training that including pieces of soccer training equipment for the coach.

•  You can ask the players to bring their own balls. If not, make sure that you have sufficient number of balls available before you actually start the training session.

•  You cannot run a soccer training session properly without a whistle. While the players are practicing the drills or the games, there are moments when you need to get their attention instantly. Obviously, shouting on them will not be a good idea – especially when the ground is large. Whistle can be a great help in such situations.

•  Stopwatch is also important – especially during a training session that involves some timing activities.

•  Furthermore, you cannot expect to run a football specific practice plan without cones, bibs, or flags. They work as markers while you ask your players to practice a particular drill or game. You can use them to mark a specific area in the field.

First aid also makes an important piece of equipment for the coaches. Soccer practices involve lots of physical activity, running, jumping, and even falling on the ground. Therefore, minor injuries are obvious for the players. A first-aid kit can be very helpful in treating the minor injuries.

Preseason Soccer Training Equipment For The Players

Following are some of the important pieces of soccer training equipment for the players.

•  It is better if the players have their own soccer balls.

•  Spiked shoes are more popularly referred to as cleats. These shoes are important, as they help the players stay on their feet in all sorts of ground surfaces – be it grass, dirt, sand, or even mud. The shoes must fit the players correctly without being tight or loose. The style of the shoes also matters. Make sure that it suits the physical terrain and the weather conditions in which you are supposed to play.

•  Shin guards are also important, as they protect the player’s legs from injury. Lightweight shin guards are a perfect choice for attacking players while the defensive players had better choose the tougher more durable style.

•  Gloves for the goalkeeper are obviously must-have soccer training equipment . It does not only help the goalkeeper to have better grip on the ball, but it also protects his fingers, palms and joints of the hands from injuries.

•  Uniform may not be that important, but it helps to organize the things in a disciplined way. Soccer uniform usually includes a cotton jersey, a pair of knee-length shorts, and thick high socks.

Consider these tips when going to a preseason soccer training session.