Soccer Training Exercises – How To Develop Agility Drills

There are several things that you need to keep in mind while you are running a soccer training exercises session for the players. Your objective here is to improve the co-ordination, foot speed, body control, and the agility skills of your players. Some people confuse agility drills with speed drills. It is important for you to understand that they are two different things. The speed drills are usually physically exhausting. On the other hand, agility is not only about speed, but it is, in fact, more about having control of your body, ball, and feet.

Tips For The Coaches

The following are some of the valuable tips that coaches must follow while they are running an agility soccer training session:

•  Instead of getting your players physically exhausted, you focus must be on form and quality.

•  You are recommended to allow the players a slow jog or walk between the two agility drills so that they could relax and get ready for the intense physical activity of the next drill.

•  The agility drills should not be physically very demanding. You must develop the same in a way so that you could have your players practice the drills anytime during the day or the week.

•  Make sure to include at least three to five sets of ten drills during a typical agility session.

Skill Practice Vs Physical Training

Some coaches prefer to make the players go through intense physical training first, before they practice ball soccer training . They think that it will make the ball football practice session more enjoyable for the players, which, unfortunately is not true. It is important for you to understand that the players are supposed to perform the various soccer skills with near perfect form.

It is usually said that practice makes things perfect. However, this adage is not true in the game of soccer. In soccer, practice rather makes things permanent. Therefore, the best strategy is always to allow the players to practice the skills first, which should be followed with intense physical training. It means, after the warm up sessions, should come the time for the agility and skill soccer training drills, and then you can move on to enervating fitness drills, such as fast feet soccer training.

Ball Control Skills

You can develop several simple soccer training exercises . For example, you can divide the players into small teams of two. Give a ball to each pair and ask them to practice in a specified grid. The player with the ball will act as a server and throw the ball to the other player’s portion of the grid. This player will now run towards the ball, control it, and then return it back to the first player. After ten serves, you can alternate their roles.