Soccer Training For Kids – Make It Fun!

Soccer training for kids is in many ways a much more difficult task than coaching soccer to adults. With grown up players, you can base your coaching on professionalism, honor, severity, and various other concepts. On the other hand, none of these concepts are going to work in case of kids. Kids want just one thing – fun with the ball.

Therefore, it is very important for you to focus on making the training session fun. You cannot yell at these young players as they will leave the field crying. Neither can you make the coaching session look like a boring academic class. You have to teach the different soccer skills for ages 6 to 8 by using some fun drills. Let me share with you some of the drills that can be very effective in developing various football skills for kids.

One Versus One Dribbling

It can be great fun. The kids are going to love this. It will help you develop several soccer skills for kids . Kids like to be competitive, and one Vs one dribbling put them head to head – competing with their opponent player. However, it depends on your innovation and creativity- what actually you want them to compete for.

For example, you can develop a scoring system, where the player will earn a point every time he or she manages to dribble the defender. Likewise, the defender also gets a point every time he or she manages to stop the dribble. You may also try forming two goal posts using the cones. This will probably be more fun, as nothing can be more thrilling than scoring a goal. Here, the players will get a point every time they cross the opponent goal line while having the ball at their feet. This is a perfect soccer drill to develop soccer skills for u6.

Including these fun drills in your training session, you will create a win-win situation for both you as well as the players. Where the players will gladly come to training, at the same time, you will also be able to teach soccer training for kids .

Overall, you do not exactly have to focus on developing one specific skill, such as passing or shooting through the drills. Kids will definitely not enjoy such drills. After all, it is not fun to practice throw-ins or shoot for thirty straight minutes. Such efforts will not only result in exhaustion for the kids, but you will also not be able to develop soccer training for kids.