Soccer Training Programs For Different Soccer Skills

You must use soccer training programs in order to develop a particular soccer skill in your players. You must have a specific approach while teaching about different soccer skills, such as heading, ball control, passing, shooting, and dribbling.

Heading The Ball

The football specific practice plan to develop the various heading skills must include the following training techniques for soccer.

•  A long running start is crucial before the players jump to hit the ball with the head.

•  You must teach the players to hit the ball when they are at the top of their jump.

•  In order to produce the best results, the players must try to bend back from the waist before they hit the ball.

•  The players must keep their eyes open and focused on the ball at least until they hit the ball.

While heading the ball, you should also teach them how to tense the muscles of the neck by pulling the chin into the chest.

Ball Control

The soccer training program for ball control must include the following strategies.

•  While the player is attempting to receive a pass made in the air, he or she should try to win the ball before it actually hits the ground and bounces. Allowing the ball to bounce will only increase the risk of losing the ball.

•  You have to demonstrate the players how to get control of the ball in the restricted free space away from the opponent player.

•  While trying to receive passes on the ground, the players are supposed to raise the foot slightly so that the ball does not roll over it.

Passing The Ball

The following strategies can be very helpful in a soccer coaching program for passing and shooting.

•  Do not allow the players to make passes while they are in a static position. Encourage them to move while they are trying to make passes.

•  The players have to try to use the foot in a way to make a solid contact with the ball.

•  Whether you have to stretch your foot or flex it will primarily depend on the type of kick you are attempting for. While you are stretching the foot, it means you have to point toes at the ground. On the other hand, while you are flexing the foot, it means you have to pull the toes up toward your shin.

•  As per the soccer training programs , the players must follow through with the whole leg after striking the ball.