Fun Soccer Drills – Motivation Should Be The Key Ingredient

When you develop fun soccer drills , you must be sure about the skills or techniques you want to teach your players. Motivation is one of the most important elements of any game or drill that you plan to have your players practice. You cannot motivate your players by enforcing strict rules on them. You will have to make soccer training practices fun in order to achieve your objective. You have to give your players the liberty to develop the necessary soccer skills in an environment where the main objective is just to have fun with the ball.

The Fun Soccer Drills With a Ball

Here is an example of a fun football practice exercises that motivates the player to perform better and also helps them learn the basic dribbling skills. In these soccer practice games, you will need a large grid of space where all the players will be dribbling around. Give a ball to each of the players.

They do not have to rush with the ball but the dribbling must be done at a decent pace. While doing so, they have to keep their heads up and avoid each other. After five minutes of dribbling, you have to call out the word “fun”. This call means that each player will leave the ball where it is and will run around the circle to find another ball left by another player. The purpose here is to get the new ball as quickly as possible and start dribbling again.

Once you find that the players have become comfortable with your soccer training drills , you can now allow some variations in the process. For example, you can leave a player without the ball in that gathering to run around the grid. While every other player is dribbling with a ball, this player will just run around looking for an opportunity to win a ball as soon as you call out the word “fun”. If he or she wins the ball at the call “fun”, it will leave another player without a ball and run around the grid.

However, you will have to keep an eye on the process. Make sure that the same player does not lose out every time. In order to ensure fun and motivation in the drills, you can enforce the following simple rules in these fun soccer drills .

  • At the call of “fun”, the players cannot swap balls with the same person for two consecutive times.
  • The players are also supposed to use the entire grid.
  • Dribbling straight all the time should not be allowed.
  • The speed of dribbling must be realistic – neither too slow nor too fast.