Soccer Agility Drills – Receiving Grounded Balls

Soccer agility drills are a crucial element of the entire training session that you run to develop the different soccer skills and techniques in the players. Here, it is very important for you to understand that passing and receiving the ball is not just all about kicking the ball back and forth. These are specialized skills that every player needs to master.

There are different factors that determine a player’s ability to receive the grounded ball. Some of these factors include vision, organization, and even effective communication. The good news is that there are plenty of football exercises of receiving grounded balls that you can use to develop the passing and receiving skills of the players. No matter which type of drills you use, you must keep the objectives you have in mind to achieve this.

The main objective of the soccer coaching of receiving grounded balls is to develop the passing techniques of the players, but the training session must be combined properly with the movement, mobility, and fitness of the players so that he or she could receive the ball effectively.

A Simple Drill For Receiving Grounded Balls – Soccer Agility Drills

One of the best ways to teach soccer coaching techniques regarding this is to ask your players to receive the ball with one foot, play it into the space to the other foot, run with the ball and then using the other foot to do whatever he wants to do with the ball. In order to teach this basic technique regarding the grounded balls, you can even have your players practice the same using some drills.

In order to develop a simple drill, you can have your players divided into groups of two. Have the players stand at a distance of 10-15 yards. Each group will have a ball. Now, ask the ball carrier in each group to use one foot to play the ball into the space to the other foot, and then pass the ball to his partner standing on the other end. The receiver will follow the same steps which means, he will receive the ball with one foot, play it into the space to the other foot, and then knock it back to the partner standing at the other end.

In fact, there are many things that you need to teach the players regarding soccer agility drills . However, once the players are well versed in the basic techniques, it will be easy for you to introduce the advanced ones.