Soccer Strength Training Workout – Weight Training

In soccer strength training workout , most coaches focus on the weight training, which is in fact a good idea. However, it is very important for you to understand that the objective of such a football strength practice workout should not be to only add pounds of muscle mass.

The objective is to add muscles that have outstanding endurance, are faster and stronger, and something that enhances flexibility in your moves. There are basically two components of soccer training weight – Upper body weight training and weight training for the legs.

The latter of course is more important, but the former is also something you cannot ignore. If your objective is to achieve overall strength and conditioning, you must develop a drill that is a combination of both.

One Leg Squat

As far as weight training for the legs is concerned, you are recommended to start with Squats. In particular, the one leg Squat can be a great exercise. It is in fact one of the most important parts of the proper development of a soccer player.

One of the best ways to do one leg squat is to by using weights. You have to ask your players to lift the weight up in front of them as a counter balance. It is always better to start with something as easy as a five-pound weight.

Types Of Drills

Circuit training is undoubtedly one of the most effective set-ups for soccer strength training workout . It can help your players build both speed and endurance. Following are the examples of some of the drills that you can use in this regard.

  • Use low weights with higher repetitions. Make sure that you have kept the resistance light enough to allow the players to perform somewhere between fifteen to twenty-five repetitions. In most cases, the body weight of the players work as a good resistance and you may not need to introduce an additional resistance.
  • Another method for soccer weight training is to use time instead of repetitions. It means you can fix a certain period of time, such as 30 seconds or one minute instead of prescribing a set number of repetitions.
  • You must allow small amount of rest between two stations or circuits. These short rest periods play an important role in developing endurance for the players.

Some of the recommended activities for soccer strength training workout may include Shoulder press with dip, Obliques, Fast feet, Dips, Alternating Supermans, Lunges, Side crunches, and Push-ups.