Soccer Workouts – Quick Tips

Soccer workouts can be of great help to build strong muscles and help the player last through the series of matches. Though there are several methods used for muscle building, soccer requires more specific ways. The training should aid the speed, stamina and strength of the arm and leg muscles.

Soccer weight training program involves many soccer drills and soccer moves for effective results. More than the upper body, the legs need more attention. It is the legs that add to most of the action. The legs have to be strong enough to be able to move with speed and perfection. Weight training for legs would require doing squats. Begin with a warm up, and then try lifting a weight for as many as 15 repetitions. The coach should instruct his players to maintain the correct posture at all times. Keep adding some more weight as soon as you get used to the earlier one. Focus on the hamstrings, which are essential for developing speed. Also consider some serious stretching exercises.

Weight training for soccer will let the goalie move to the upper portion of his body only after a gap of two days from the leg exercises. Switch between the upper and the lower body training with at least one to two days gap in between.

Tips On How To Perform Correct Soccer Workouts

•  Make training fun so that the players do not avoid and lose interest in it.

•  Teach a variety of soccer drills for increased motivation.

•  Develop better understanding and knowledge of the game and the weight regimes.

Here are some exercises for soccer weight training workout. Just remember to warm up before attempting any of the below stated exercises:

•  Push ups

•  Side Crunches

•  Lunges

•  Alternating Superman’s

•  Fast feet

•  Shoulder press with dip

•  Straight leg oblique

The above mentioned exercise regime would surely prove advantageous for you to improve your overall soccer skills and performance. Weight lifting for soccer is another useful and beneficial way to improve your muscle strength. A trainer is recommended along with a coach because he can guide you on the types of exercises that you would need. The speed, endurance and the manner in which a goalie can change direction are all crucial where your game is concerned.

Soccer workouts would help improve the two most important factors of soccer- endurance and speed. You can consider running as another great option to weight training. Running will help your endurance and weight training on your legs. So if you are serious about soccer, then you must definitely consider serious weight training.