How Useful Is A Soccer Pitch Diagram?

soccer pitch diagram helps the player visualize the different positions which are held by different players on the field. The length of a pitch for international matches is 100-110m and the width is within 64 to 75m. For matches that are not of international standard, the length of the pitch may be around 91-120m and the width around 45-91m. The pitch also can never be round. The field is rectangular in shape and so is the pitch.

Soccer pitch layout has its own distinctive position on the soccer field diagram. A diagram of the field or even the basic drills proves to be an important teaching tool for beginners. It is through these diagrams that the players can visualize the field in total. The coach should make sure that he incorporates numerous diagrams to explain all the different strategies of the game to his players. This would help them learn more even when they are off field.

The Different Positions On A Soccer Field Diagram

  • Forwards- are those players who are positioned near the goal of the opposing team. Other players pass the ball to the Forwards and it is the task of the Forwards to make the goal. The Forwards need to be very strong in order to successfully make goals.
  • Midfielders- there are between three to six midfielders in a team. It is the job of the midfielders to get control of the ball and pass the same to the Forwards. These players are required to play in the middle part of the field only. The midfielders should have exemplary tackling abilities so that they are able to steal the ball from the opposing team and pass it to the Forwards.
  • Defenders- there are between three to five defenders in a team. They are positioned near their own goalpost. It is the task of the defenders to save the opposing team from making any goal. It is very important that the defenders receive proper training because they have a lot of work to do on the field. The defenders are required to save goals, take the ball from the goalkeeper and pass it to the midfielder and also kick the ball extremely hard and very far to the midfielders.
  • Goalkeeper is the only player in the team who is allowed to use his hands while playing. His main task is to save the goals of the opponent team.

The coach should make sure that he incorporates all the required skills and drills in the soccer pitch diagram. Also he should make sure that the diagrams are easy to understand and are able to explain the concept clearly. The diagram would be based on the number of players in the team and should not be very complex.

Use realistic activities in the diagrams. The drills and the other activities should be age and gender specific. More elements can be added to the soccer pitch diagram as the training level progresses.