Soccer Skills – Various Ball Handling Techniques

There is always the need for improving soccer skills that address different ways to handle the ball on the field. Basically they would emphasize on using different parts of the foot to kick the ball in different situations.

Using The Inside Of The Foot To Strike The Ball

Have them place their supporting foot about four inches by the ball’s side. Their toes must be pointed toward the intended direction. Locking the ankle at right angles, have them take their kicking leg backward and swing it at the middle of the ball’s side. Let the kicking leg’s ankle be at right angles to the player’s supporting foot. Now the ball must be touched with the arch of the player’s foot and neatly rolled where he wants it to go.

Using The Outside Of The Foot To Strike The Ball

When teaching soccer skills, in particular this technique, the toes of the player’s supporting foot must be angled away from the ball, say about 30 degrees so that the kicking foot can go at the ball directly, contacting it with the outside of the foot.

Using The Instep Of The Foot

With the supporting foot aligned with the ball, let the player aim his toes at his goal. Let him take his kicking foot backward and then swing it forth in a smooth movement without pause, picking up speed as he does it. His posture should be such that his torso leans forward with shoulders in line, above the ball. Stretching the toes and ankle of his kicking foot, he should contact the ball with the laces part of the foot and go for his goal.

Performing A Volley

A volley’s actions are similar to using the instep. It involves kicking the ball when it is off the ground. For an effective volley, timing the swing is vital. The point is to position the foot in the right posture so that there is better ball control and its path.

Inside And Outside Curve Of The Feet

This involves spinning the ball. With the supporting foot at the ball’s side, let the player point his toes at his goal. When he swings his kicking foot, he should contact the ball with his upper big toe so that the ball is touched past the outside resulting in a spin. Let him continue to swing but sending the ball in the intended direction.

There are many more soccer skills and techniques that you can teach through soccer drills for youth.