Soccer Techniques For Goalkeepers

Effective soccer techniques and soccer goalkeeper drills to improve the skills of your goalie is perhapsone of the most important aspects of your team.

Therefore, it is important for you to develop some soccer drills, specifically for the goalkeepers, in order to help them learn various soccer coaching techniques.

Depending upon your strategy and game plan, the goalkeeper can be the last line of defence, or he or she may also have to work as the first line of the offence.

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind while running the coaching session for goalkeepers is, his or her mental state.

It is important, because the goalie has to go to any level to save the ball from getting into the goalpost. Therefore, training the soccer techniques to the goalie can be a physically and demanding challenge.

You will have to teach him, how to stay balanced, while performing all his or her tasks. It is also important that you let him or her know about the role and importance of the centre of gravity of the body.

You have to work in a way, to improve the overall activity of the goalie. Alertness, agility, and accuracy are some of the basic soccer skills, which the goalie must achieve, through various coaching sessions.

Soccer Techniques: Heading Towards The Goal

Soccer coaching has always been a challenging task and when it comes to teaching the young players about the various soccer techniques, it is important for the coaches to go ahead with a proper strategy. Things must be done in a step by step order. Following are some of the best ways to get started for the coaches:

  • Do not start with specific drills right away. You should make the players play the ball in the ground, the way they want, but following the coach-made rule.
  • For example, you can make rule that the players have to use only short passes. Long passes must be discouraged in the beginning. This will bring dual advantage – the players will automatically learn about accuracy while passing the ball and second, they will learn to support each other and will try to play as a team.
  • The most important thing is that you should encourage the players to express themselves freely. Allow them to use their own soccer techniques. This will help you understand the mentality and attitude of the players and you will be able to make effective soccer coaching strategies based on that.