Soccer Training – Touching & Juggling The Ball

DuringĀ soccer training, every coach focuses on ball control no matter what the player’s level is. Effectiveness on the field comes from the player’s ability to gain possession of the ball in difficult situations with ease. Therefore, it is the ‘first touch’ of the ball that can make all the difference on the field.

Accuracy In First Touch

When your players advance in the game, they will realize that they need more agility and quickness while playing. So the importance of first touch and passing the ball is even more pronounced. This is why coaches introduce drills that improve various skills for the players.

Many players find it tough to kick the ball as it comes, so they usually stop it, start dribbling it and simultaneously look for another teammate to pass on the ball. That is why understanding the concept of space is vital, since finding it will also give the player time to decide the next action.

When the player is trying to control the ball and succeeds in doing it, he will protect the ball with his body from the opponent, pass it on, or dribble to gain time. All this depends on available space, which will give him the time for the next move and this comes about as a result of how well the player performed the first touch.

In the game of soccer the players must constantly practice to feel comfortable with the ball so that they are able to touch the ball with various parts of both their feet. During practice sessions, they must also get practiced at stopping the ball and playing it, as well as playing it directly as they receive it.

One touch is a very crucial skill to master because by playing it precisely, the player won’t waste time going after it. You will find that many players on the team seem to have a natural aptitude for first touch but that does not mean they need to practice any less.

Juggling As An Important Soccer Skill

We have had many coaches writing in that juggling is another very important skill to develop in soccer. This skill helps the player to develop comfort with the ball by using different parts of the body for ball contact. Your players will feel very self-assured when they slowly get the hang of it duringĀ soccer trainingĀ and develop creativity in handling the ball.