Individual Soccer Training

Many players prefer to go in for individual soccer training in order to improve their skills to a further level. There are several ways to get a personal soccer coach. The best place is undoubtedly the Internet. If you want to offer personal coaching to individual players, you can promote your services through your own website. Personal soccer trainers may also like to join a soccer coaching association that will advertise your services and help you get some good clients.

How To Coach Players Individually

Soccer is one of the most complicated yet fun sports. The players have to acquire several features, such as tireless diligence, strong nerve system, quickness in decision-making, ball control skills, dexterity, stamina, speed, and a countless number of tactical and technical soccer skills. It is a team game and therefore, even if you have to coach the players individually, your objective must be to develop the skills of the players in a way that could help him or her play in a team effectively. You have to teach the player that it is the team effort in the end that actually wins a soccer match.

Basic Guidelines

Following are some of the basic guidelines that you should follow while coaching individual soccer training to a player:

•  You should concentrate on two or three concepts during a single professional soccer training session. Do not make things complicated for the player as well as for you by introducing lots of concepts on a single day.

•  You will, of course, have to engage in the drill and the game as a player. After all, you cannot expect the player to learn different skills by playing with the ball alone. Therefore, you had better focus on developing 1 v. 1 drills and games for more productive results.

•  Like in any format of soccer coaching, personal soccer training also requires you to write down a practice plan. Some coaches have the misconception that they do not need a written plan in case the player to be coached is a small kid. Always remember that a written plan is important Irrespective of the age of the player. The plan must include the duration of the various drills and exercises and their proper sequencing.

The Duration Of The Training

You can divide the duration of the personal football training into four main components – Warm-up, Teaching exercises, Final game, and Warm-down. Warm up must be developed according to the kind of the practice and should constitute of 20% of the total duration of the training. The teaching exercises should take 50% of the time. However, do not include more than two or three exercises during this time. The final game is where you have to emphasize the points from the practice. It should take 20% of the total time while the warm down should take 10% of the total duration of the individual soccer training.